Q: What are the weekly charges? Are there any additional charges?

A: Fee Structure is dependent on each Home's Registration. See our Fees and Costs page for more details.

Q: What happens with pocket money - will I be allowed to keep it?

A: All residents receive pocket money allowance with their benefits. This money is for you to spend as you wish.

Q: Can I keep my own GP?

A: All residents admitted from local areas will retain their own GP. However, if a resident is admitted from an area which is further afield, we will apply for a new GP to take care of your medical needs.
(subject to local NHS policy)

Q: What are the visiting times?

A: There are no specific visiting times. You are free to visit as and when you like, however, we would suggest you avoid mealtimes if possible.

Q: Do we take pets?

A: We enjoy visits from pets, however, we regret that we cannot allow pets to reside in the home.

Q: What about meals - do you cater for special diets?

A: Meals are served in the dining room or residents own rooms if preferred. All our cooks provide nutritious, tasty, home cooked meals ensuring that all dietary needs are catered for. Snacks and drinks are also available at any time of the day or night.

Q: Can I bring my own belongings such as a favourite chair or small display cabinet?

A: We encourage residents to personalise their rooms with their own possessions and small items of furniture. However, we would require electrical items to be tested for safety i.e. PAT testing by a suitably qualified electrician before bringing to the home, and furnishings must comply with the current fire regulations.
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